Monday, January 2, 2012

Purple and Red

I love tights, especially colored pairs. Ever since the cold weather arrived, I have barely taken off my tights. Going to a private school with uniforms and strict dress code rules, tights and shoes are pretty much the only way to dress up the ever so boring plaid skirt.The other day I bought four new colors, but two of my favorites are my purple and red pairs.

Besides tights, I love vintage purses, well really purses and bags of any kind, but vintage especially. A few months ago, I found this red 60s purse for about ten dollars at my favorite vintage shop. It is currently hanging on my wall with my other bags, because I've decided to start a collection of vintage purses and display them in my room. I hope I can find another on my next vintage shopping day.
Until next time, Mandy


  1. hey!! thank you for following! :)) I like your blog and I'm following back!^^

  2. WOW you pull off bright tights amazingly! You are so beautiful :-) Loving your blog x x

  3. Cool tights! and yay for op-shopping bargains :)

  4. Lovely outfit! you are so so pretty!

    Great blog! i'm now following :) xxx

  5. you are pretty. and that bag is super cute. red hot

  6. Dude I love your hair! It is killer!!