Sunday, January 8, 2012

College Choices

New York University

George Washington University
Northeastern University
Boston University
Drexel University
DePaul University
Columbia College

Right now I'm supposed to be writing scholarship application essays, but I found that looking at photos of colleges would be much more enjoyable. Today is my last day of winter break, so tomorrow I have to go back school. I have approximately 134 days before my high school graduation. Let me tell you, 134 days seems like forever, but knowing that I will be going to one of these colleges keeps me going. Unfortunately, I have to wait four more months for all of the admission decisions. I am eagerly awaiting the replies, because soon I will be living either in New York, DC, Chicago, Boston, or Philadelphia. So far I've been accepted to Drexel, DePaul, and Columbia. Do you have any favorite places in one of these cities? I would love to hear from you.
Until next time, Mandy


  1. Looks like you had fun traveling :) Love that skirt you're wearing!

  2. oh dear, I wish I could visit all these places soon :I
    I really like your skirt, amzing colour!

    and Liebe Grüße, its what we say in germany ;D

  3. You have some awesome choices. Is it too late to make a play for the University of Michigan :)

    It's a really great school and the campus is so lovely.

  4. ahhh so jealous! I dream of living in New York or Boston one day but London will have to do me for now :( x

  5. We could switch! I would love to be in London. I'm planning on doing a semester abroad there.

  6. So exciting!! When I was choosing which college to go to a year ago I was between the cities of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Charlotte North Carolina or the small town life of a town called "West Chester". I moved from a smalltown into the city and I couldn't be happier living in Philadelphia. There are so many cool places to see there! Like, the Liberty Bell or the art muesam. Also, Philly has the BEST food! My favorite place to get coffee is La Colombe!

    I have posted a lot about Philly since I moved there, here's a link to my Philly posts if you want to see more pictures or places!