Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Sponsor Spotlight

Take a look at my beautiful April sponsors. 
Daydream Frenzy is my personal outlet for all things going on in my life including adventures, experiences, and love, but it's main focus is all about style. What began as a simple Google search on "what to wear with combat boots" became a discovery of the fashion-blogging world which quickly expanded into a passion and a desire to develop my own personal style. My blog acts as a motivation for me to get dressed everyday, dare to try new trends, and to start wearing the clothes I hardly ever touch as well as a space to see my style grow along with my blog! :) 

I'm Nicole and He is Fletcher. Sometimes I'm Nikki, most of the time he is Fletch. We live together... mostly cause we are married. Everyday is another adventure. I mean how could it not be when your husband has got a name like Fletch?

My Billie is a lifestyle blog that centers around quality DIYs, fashion and general inspiration for keeping your head up! I love posting content that my readers will actually find interesting/applicable to their lives and want to inspire others to do creative things with what they already own. I also have just started doing freelance blog design work. I'm almost through with my first four clients (including the always-lovely Mandy of this here little blog) and I'm ready to take on more if you're interested! Hop on over to my blog to see what all I've got going on!

Hi, I'm Kit and I blog over at What a Peach! I write about a real hodge podge of things including books, films, art, gift ideas, music, cooking, fashion, life and stories about my move to England when I was a teenager. I'm super chatty, so post new things most days- come on over and say 'hi'!

My name is Katie. I'm an 18 year old, Doctor Who fanatic and northern hillbilly at heart. I love indie fashion, vintage housewares, Doctor Who, music (particularly Owl City) and retro cars. My blog is my little bit of the internet to share my personal style, photography, and inner nerdy-ness. I hope you'll take a peek and let me know if you like it!

My name is Izzy, I'm 15 and I'm currently living between Canada and Australia. I love to laugh, discover and capture memories. The little things in life that bring me joy are thrifting, the breeze, being with the ones I love and strawberry milk. My blog is A Jar of Feathers. I blog about my daily doings, inspirations, photography, yummy food, crafty projects and sweet thing I come across on the internet. Hope you take a peek :)

Hi, I'm Grace! I am an art student with a passion for creativity, fine art, DIY & craft. Blue Spruce is a creative lifestyle blog where I document my own life, thoughts, goals, and inspirations. For the most part, you can find posts on art & design as well as DIY, fashion, beauty, literature, and vegan/vegetarian/raw food! I love to interact with other bloggers! Come back and say hi! :)

Alright. The best way to describe my blog. Imagine the funniest person you know, times that by 349 and subtract a million. Do you still have that number in your head? Yeah... me either but I try to be as funny as your funniest next door neighboy. From the desk of Miss Edmunds is full of scatter-brained letters to people, events, weather changes, and whatever else is on my mind from an Idaho girl. I point out my flaws, I try to be funny, I share my experiences, and I am an open book. Everything is written in letter form because then the thoughts flow freely, and by freely I mean I write everything I am thinking and it is all very random. Stop by for a good laugh, a good read, or just to look at my many pictures and movies.

Hi, I'm Amy, from Amy and the City, I blog about all things happening in my life. This often includes my city Melbourne, my boyfriend Nathan, our home, and the life of being two students. I love meeting new people through my blog so stop over and say hello! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

May Means More Sponsors

May is almost here, so that means another call for sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring, shoot me an email at I would love to hear from you! Sponsors need to send in 200x100 button, description of their blog, a photo of themselves, and any social media links. Thank you so much for all of your support. This blog wouldn't be possible without all my fantastic readers. 
Until next time, Mandy

Monday, April 23, 2012

Maybe I'm a Crook For Stealing Your Heart Away

Since Wil is usually the one taking my photos, we rarely get pictures together any more. However, this weekend I went out with Wil and my friend Erin, so she was able to take some photos of us. These are a few of my favorite pictures, especially the ones when I jumped on his back. :) I love this boy so much.
Until next time, Mandy

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Garage Doors and Ivy Buildings

dress: bazar. shoes: dsw.
Finally, an outfit post! School has been ridiculously overwhelming these past few weeks. I only have two weeks left, but I have more homework than ever, which means that I have been spending my days in my uniform and pajamas. A thrifting day with friends and food was exactly what I needed. The highlights of my day were eating at Penny's noodle shop, taking an obscene amount of jumping photos, eating the best cupcake I've ever had, and finding the most perfect prom dress. 

Alright so I have a little prom dress story for you. Last year, I actually did the whole prom dress shopping at an actual prom store. Although it was an interesting experience, a room full of crazy teens trying on extremely revealing dresses is really not my style. This year I told myself that if I was going to prom, I was going to wear a beautiful vintage dress. Last week, I found a orange/salmon flowy dress that once belonged to a ballroom dancer. I bought it right away because I knew I wasn't going to be at any other great vintage stores before prom. But while I was in my grandmother's makeup room last night, I finally tried on this amazing 20s flapper that has been on her mannequin for years. I always thought it was the most beautiful dress, but it looked way too small. But guess what? It fit perfectly! I fell in love immediately, and what made my evening even better is that my grandma found my great grandmother's (Grace, of Grace and Viola) jeweled headpiece. She wore it to a dance in the 1920s and now I get to wear it to my prom. The whole thing just worked out so perfectly. But now I do not know what to do with my first dress. Is anybody in the market for a vintage gown?
Until next time, Mandy

Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Questions for 8 Bloggers

Good evening ladies. Today, I am on Melanie's blog answering a few blog/life related questions for her sponsor post. Head on over to her fantastic blog to see my various answers.
Until next time, Mandy

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Send Something Good Link Up

Gentri, Kaitlyn, and Kristy's Send Something Good Project is in full swing! This week we are doing a blog link up so that our blog partner can get to know us a little better. Our options were to link our latest blog post or write a wish list. I know I will love everything that I get, so a wish list isn't really necessary. I thought I would just make up a list of things that I like so that my partner can get to know a few more things about me.

1. Vintage clothing (here are a few of my favorite vintage finds)

2. Polaroids  
3. Travel. I want to travel all of Europe!

4. Elephants, baby ones especially.
 5. Tights! I am stocking up on patterned pairs.

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Final Decision

After months and months of contemplating, I finally made my college decision! In five months, I will be on my way to Boston. My dream of getting out of the Midwest and traveling to the East Coast has come true. I cannot believe that all of my college preparation is finally over. Even though I still have a few weeks of high school left (the longest weeks of my life), I am extremely excited about my future. Since the blogging world is full of people from all over the world, I thought I would ask if any of you are from the Boston area? Also, have any of you traveled to Boston? I was only there for a day, so I don't know much about the city. I would love to hear some of your favorite places, shops, restaurants, anything really! I just want to know everything I can about Boston. Ahh I am beyond thrilled!
Until next time, Mandy

Friday, April 13, 2012

Send Something Good

Did anyone else sign up for the Send Something Good Project? I found it on Gentri Lee's blog a week or so ago and I just had to be a part of it. I signed up right away, and I am so excited to get started. The names come out in a few days and then the sending begins. I think this is such a fantastic way to meet other bloggers. I love taking part in blog projects because you come in contact with wonderful ladies from all over the world. I just wanted to do a little post on this because I am thrilled about it and I wanted to know who else signed up!
Until next time, Mandy

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Out and About

Happy Easter everyone!
My week has not been very picture worthy due to my insane allergies and massive amounts of homework. Why teachers need to assign me papers over Easter break, I will never know. Also, it's a little difficult to get any good pictures of myself when my eyes are red and puffy and my head feels like it weighs a million pounds. However, I did snap a few photos when I was out running some errands with my mom yesterday. We went to a couple of shops, including one that was full of vintage dishes. I was in love. I am planning on going back there when I move into my own apartment.
Until next time, Mandy

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pretty Phone Photos

1. The beautiful pink and white bushes I saw during my run.
2. My instax has been in hiding lately, but I finally found it and used the last few shots! It is definitely one of my favorite gifts that I've received.
3. My grandma bought me these beautiful flowers for my college acceptances. What a lovely surprise.
4. Photo from my guest post on Gentri Lee. I love my bicycle cup.
5. I found my jar of vintage buttons. They have been lost for years, but I've always thought about them in the back of my mind. I need to figure out a diy to do with them.
6. My spring cleaning look. Cleaning and rearranging the garage seemed like a great idea until my allergies attacked me. I have really come to hate sneezing.
7. One of the most delicious sundaes that I've ever eaten. A scoop of cinnamon ice cream with caramel sauce. It might be my new favorite concoction.
8. Whenever I see a burnt orange object I take a picture of it. This time it happened to be a wall.
9. My NYU acceptance letter. It's beautiful.

Until next time, Mandy

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Although people think they can sell anything at flea markets nowadays, I do like hunting through the booths to see what special and interesting treasures I can find. Unfortunately, my funds are scarce, so I only allowed myself to buy one thing. A vintage camera, of course! However, these were some of my other picture worthy finds. I immediately found the large wooden and metal stamps. I was about to purchase one, when my grandma informed me that she had a bunch in her garage, which is pretty much a flea market in itself. I'm planning on rummaging through it this weekend. The other neat thing I saw was an old, rusty phone booth. It was the staple piece of the market, everyone stopped and looked at it. My favorite item was the antique telescope/spyglass (I'm not sure what it is actually called). It made me feel like a pirate, and oh how I loved that!
Until next time, Mandy