Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Khaki and Fur

So the other day I was checking the sale rack at Urban Outfitters and I found two great coats. I am usually not a big fur person, but I couldn't resist its cuteness and sale price. Today was the first time I wore it, and even though it is pretty warm, it could not save me from the freezing weather. After about five minutes outside, my fingers were purple and I could no longer feel them. I thought that this would be an appropriate time to for a coffee run. My boyfriend Wil and I defrosted in starbucks for about an hour, while taking some more pictures, like the ones of my modcloth elephant ring above. Besides the freezing pain, today was a great day. So far my plan of doing a blog post a day is a success thanks to my break from school. I hope I can keep it up when I go back to school next week!
Until next time, Mandy


  1. Hello :) Your blog it lovely, I adore your coat!

    Thanks for following! I have a giveaway here if you are interested :) http://tinyurl.com/6mcrfpd

    Keep smiling
    Stacie xo
    Curious Damsel

  2. These photos are gorgeous! Love your coat
    Following now xxx

  3. Such a beautiful coat! You look gorgeous x x

  4. Such beautiful photos, I absolutely love your coat x

  5. WOW! what a great deal! i never htough t anice coat like that would be in the sale section!

    And thanks for following back! ^-^

    Happy new year and God bless,

  6. Hey - what is the lipstick color you are wearing??!! It's fantastic!

    Love the blog! Just started following it, and I would really appreciate it if you could follow me back! I just created my blog a few days ago!


    Thank you!!
    Alice :)

  7. Hi. My lipstick is diva matte from mac. I just bought it the other day and it's great. Thanks for following!

  8. Wow you look beautiful! The lipstick looks great on you. And I'm loving your coat :) Congrats on finding some great coats too, I'm having the worst luck finding some myself..haha

  9. Thanks so much. I've been having the worst shopping luck too! But this week I did pretty well. You'll find some eventually.

  10. Very beautiful pictures!


  11. You look beautiful! I love the coat :)


  12. you have the prettiest style, and you're so classy! love the red lipstick.