Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Can I Have The Black Bear?

I love breakfast. Actually, I just love eating breakfast at cute restaurants. When I am home, I rarely eat breakfast. I know, I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well I cannot really help that my house never has food in it. Plus, I would much rather be eating a delicious meal somewhere other than my kitchen table. On one of my city adventures last week, my aunt and I tried somewhere new to eat. Bakin' & Eggs. With brick walls, mason jars, and blue decor, this place quickly became one of my favorites. Once we sat down, it was time to order. That is always my problem. There are so many unique choices, I just don't know what to do with myself. I ended up ordering a veggie fritatta and a black bear. What is a black bear you ask? It is a delicious drink of chocolate milk mixed with iced coffee. As much as I liked the concept of the drink, I would be lying to you if I didn't tell you that I merely ordered it just to say the name. After I asked my waiter for the black bear, he turned around and said "I thought you would order that." I'm still not quite sure what that means, but I'm going to take it as a compliment. I looked cool enough to order the black bear. Do any of you Chicagoans have your own favorite breakfast place? I would love to try them before I leave for Boston. Which brings me to, do any of you Bostonians have a favorite breakfast place? I am in desperate need of some Boston food tips, because let's just say that I cannot handle dorm food all year long.
Until next time, Mandy


  1. there's a pretty awesome breakfast place near where you'll be located. Mike's city diner on washington street is incredible!

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  2. mmm fooooodddd.
    and who doesn't love breakfast? after all, it's the most important meal of the day :)


  3. Ooh! This place looks amazing! <3 Where in Chicago is it? I'd love to stop there sometime! (I'm a sucker for mason jars. ;D)

  4. What a cute place! I love cafes and restaurants that have cool names for meals and drinks. One of my favourite places has a drink called an LSD. It's really a soy dandelion latte, but I always order it because it's fun to ask for :)

  5. Just happened upon your blog, lovely photos, glad I found you!
    There are some lovely Boston breakfast places. NEU isn't too far from the South End, which offers some of Boston's best dining options, but in terms of breakfast you should check out Flour (bakery, excellent sandwiches, great coffee) and the South End Buttery. Boston Common Coffee Co has a few locations downtown. they might have made their way out to Northeastern/Mission Hill by now.

    I came to Boston for college (holy crap) ten years ago and am still here...please get in touch if you have questions about the city!! And keep blogging-it will be a great record of your many experiences ahead. Best of luck to you!