Monday, March 12, 2012

Into the Woods

dress: vintage. tights/shoes: target

Once again, I am not dressed appropriately for my surroundings. My mother's fiance just bought this huge estate. I knew it was dilapidated, but I thought pictures would still look neat. I am in love with the colorful floor in the living room. I wish it was brighter and in better condition. As far as my outfit goes, I thought the pretty vintage look would contrast nicely with the rough feeling of the place. It's true, I do like the look, but walking around was treacherous. I really needed massive hiking books to be comfortable because there were so many slopes and sticks. My cheap little target shoes were not enough, but I somehow managed to explore through the forest. A little ways away from the house is an old horse barn. I told my mom that when it gets back up and running they should buy horses. She shot the idea down, but she is considering goats. How exciting! What name would you give to a goat? I was thinking Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett, but that's just because I'm obsessed with the movie Sweeney Todd. I have more pictures of the house and property to put up, but these are the majority of my outfit photos.
Until next time, Mandy


  1. that dress looks like it was made for you. it't downright amazing. the print, color, and shape are perfect. and your shoes go perfectly with it. the house you are taking photos in is really amazing - i love that floor too

  2. Can't wait to see the property pictures!

  3. i love sweeny todd and am one of the few fans of tim burton's version.

    anyhow, love the dress. you look adorable.

  4. Love it. That dress is AMAZING!!

  5. Aw you look so sweet! And I LOVE that room you're in. So pretty! You're right--that floor is AH-mazing. I really want some goats. Reeal bad. Hope yall end up with a few : )

  6. My dear, this dress is one of the loveliest vintage pieces I've seen in ages! I looooove the shape of it, the fun mix of patterns, that lovely rusty red/brown, and the buttons!

    <3 Cambria

  7. Hello sweet Mandy!
    I just found out this blog around and i just fell in love with this place! It's adorable and you are an adorable girl!

    You look so lovely in this pictures and your dress is so cute!!

    I'm already following you.

    If you like it, i would love to receive you in my little world! My blog still is a baby but is feeded with love and caring. * I'm preparing a new post... if you like it, you may follow too!

    Sweet kiss from Portugal! * :)

  8. The dress is gorgeous! The surroundings suit your dress perfectly :) Its lovely!

  9. This dress is so cute on you!! I love the pattern and collar :] I think it looks very cute in the woods. Your new house is going to be such a wonderful place to take blog photos. That bridge is so pretty.

  10. That dress looks super cute on you
    Awesome pictures

  11. This dress is an amazing dress! you're very pretty!

  12. i am in love with this dress! Fits you so well. Did you have to alter in any way?

    1. I actually bought this dress without trying it on and got lucky because it fits perfectly.

  13. Mandy,

    I love these portraits and they remind me of Francesa Woodman's. Do you know her work? She's got a retrospective at the Guggenheim in NYC right now. I saw the show in San Francisco. Here is a link to a site with many of her self-portraits: