Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crystal Lake

Here are a few photos from my day in Crystal Lake. Although it was tiny, it had that small town charm, something that my current hometown is lacking. I was only there for about an hour or so, but I love exploring new towns. There's always so much to see.
Really delicious coffee ice cream. That's been my new favorite flavor lately.
I don't know exactly what goes on at this art center, but I hope I can see some plays. Speaking of plays, I'm going to my high school's Legally Blonde musical tomorrow. I wonder how it will be. I really liked it when it was on Broadway.
What a cute French Cafe. I really wanted to try it, but it was closed when I went. I love going to new small restaurants.
I'm really liking this little snack stand. I was really curious when I saw the words corn crib, but it seems to me that they sell a little bit of everything. I bet they have great summer business.
Until next time, Mandy


  1. You are always visiting the most interesting places. I have never been to Crystal Lake but always hear about it on the radio. I want to go get icecream so badly now :]

  2. i love these pictures.
    with the world growing and everyone wanting things to be fast and new, these kinds of towns are being ignored.
    i'm so glad you captured some of it and shared with us :)

  3. Your blog is wonderful. And you must be one of the prettiest girls ever :)xx

  4. wowwww,,,!!! i love this blog is wonderful!! follow and return forever
    ciao ciao