Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Soon It Will Be Over

My final days of high school are here. Eight more school days to be exact. Eight days packed full of tests, essays, homework, labs, and events. Possibly the eight longest days of my life. Eight more days until I can finally have a social life again. Eight more days until I can get rid of my uniform and start having outfit posts again! The whole private school education thing does not work very well with a fashion blog. But I will no longer have to worry about that in eight more days. Okay, I'm sure by now you get that I'm excited. Between studying and migraines, I was able to get out of the house for a bit this weekend. I had a wonderful breakfast with my aunt, followed by a visit to my local anthropologie, where I found the most amazing sunglasses. They were a tad expensive, probably because I'm used to buying five dollar pairs. I keep thinking about this pair though, so I am planning to go back soon to buy them. I have no other choice. I never find sunglasses that look good on my face, so I shouldn't let this opportunity pass, right? I also spent some time cleaning/organizing my room, which was a little scary. I started thinning out my closet to get ready for my days of tightly enclosed dorm living. However, the cleaning didn't work out as planned because now my room is filled with bags of clothes to take to Goodwill. 
Until next time, Mandy


  1. I should organize my room, too :c You're inspiring <3

  2. I always hate how that happens: you intend to weed things out but instead fill your room with boxes and bags to donate. And, if you're like me, they sit there for a good couple of weeks before they go to their proper destinations.

  3. in regards to the sunnies: do it. you'll be glad you did. every item i've ever bought from anthropologie has stayed with me. you'll always feel special in 'em too. though i understand the dilemma...sunglasses are what i tend to go cheap on. by the way, what anthro is that? it looks an awful lot like seattle's u district.

    1. I love everything that I've ever bought from antrho. This one is in Geneva, Illinois. But I'm glad to hear there's a good one in Seattle because that is one of my top places to go!

  4. Ah! Do a shop my closet and let me buy your clothes!


  5. I was thinking back to the my pre-high school graduation days.
    I am now preparing for college graduation in eleven days, and the work abounds!

    I completely agree with the sunglasses dilemma. One time I went tried on some high end glasses...and I was forever spoiled. No, no, I do not own the $80-$150 sunglasses I loved, but I learned how great they looked. Now, it is very difficult to find sunglasses I love for less.

    Push onward and enjoy being a graduate!


    Kirsten from mylifetintedpink.blogspot.com

  6. Wow you've got so much going on Mandy! Superlady, that's what you are! Congratulations on your closet thing. That's always quite the task! And EIGHT MORE DAYS whoooaaa! Then you're a free woman. I'm excited.

  7. How exciting! Congrats on being nearly done with school and for cleaning out your closet. I really need to do that.

  8. I need to organize my room too!!! :P

  9. Lovely photos, my room needs a clean too, been too busy with college xx

  10. i am so rubbish at staying organised lol! i wish i was super dooper organised! lovely pics, i love that outfit you have on up there and i have shoe envy over your collection :) x

  11. J'aimerais tellement avoir toutes tes chaussures !

  12. Just found your blog!! In love with your style....very gypsy-esque! Can't wait to keep reading and get to know you better! :)

    A Sigh and Sanity