Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

shirt: urban outfitters. vest: vintage. skirt: forever 21. shoes: steve madden.

Hello lovelies. My day of picture taking was ruined by an intense storm, so here are a few photos from yesterday. I am loving the burnt orange skirt I bought, so I wore it on a day out with my brother. We rarely do things together, so a little lunch and shopping was surprisingly fun. 

Tomorrow starts my last week of school. It's going to be super busy and filled with tests. Yuck. Right now I should be studying for my AP tests, but blogging is just so much more fun. I can't put it off too much longer though or tomorrow will be pretty miserable.
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
Until next time, Mandy


  1. well yesterday's photos are lovely still : ] and i must know how you do your hair like that?! tutorial, please. i may demand it. xo.

  2. Mandy, you look sooo beautiful! I am in love with this outfit.

  3. Love the orange maxi skirt soo badly need to get one your making me want one even more :D & the way the way you put the outfit together really nice xo

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  4. oh my goodness! i love your hair braid and your beautiful rust skirt! so lovely.

    and good luck on the ap tests - they really aren't that bad - or at least weren't 6 years ago :D just awkward periods of time stuck somewhere where you can't talk - that's what i hate! i found i did best on the ones i worried the least about and studied the least for (ap stats, french) and the one i freaked out about studying for (ap comparative gov) i failed with flying colors (or a two) anyhow, hope the weather gets better!

  5. How adorable is that skirt! I hear there is a tutorial on pinterest for a similar one. It looks interesting! Anyways, yours looks quite nice. Loooooove burnt orange.

  6. I love your vest! Great colors!

  7. love your skirt and your make up <3

  8. We know how you feel, we have exams coming up but there are so many other temptations lurking in the blogosphere!
    This is a gorgeous outfit, the skirt goes so well with the tops.
    JS xx

  9. All these photos are really beautiful. Such a pretty and quite perfect outfit from head to toe! Best wishes on your tests:) xx Marisa

  10. Love, love, love that shirt! Peacocks are my fave. So pretty! :]

  11. Your hair looks so pretty like this! I love the big braid. Such a fun orange skirt too. The vest looks great with it.

  12. You're so pretty. I love this skirt and outfit.

  13. Gah! You are so vintage and beautiful and perfect! Haha
    I love following your blog. Seriously. Come stop by!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  14. Love this outfit <3 Especially the sandals!

    You look so natural :) Oh and your hair looks great too - I wish I could braid mine like that!