Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seek Vintage

I found a few new favorite shops this past weekend and Seek was one of them. I never know if taking pictures is allowed in a store, so it makes me kind of nervous, but I managed to take a few. If you take photos in a store, do you sneek in a few shots or do you ask if it's allowed? Personally, if I had a store, I wouldn't mind photos, but I know that some people are firmly against it. Anyway, this store was charming and I didn't see any items of clothing over thirty dollars, which I thought was extremely reasonable. I bought the skirt and sweater above. I know that I'm still in high school, but this weekend really made me want to open my own vintage shop. Do you think it's a good idea? Oh yeah, now that it's February there is a new photo a day challenge. I think that it sounds like a super fun idea. Even though it's mostly an instgram trend and I don't have an iphone, I still want to participate. I will be posting my photos on twitter if you want to check them out. Happy February!
Until nex time, Mandy



  1. That sweater is great. I never know what the rules are either when it comes to taking pictures in stores. And opening up a vintage shop would be hard work but so much fun :]

  2. I really like that sweater its gorgeous x

  3. Looks lovely! The vintage shops we have here all seem to be very expensive. Or perhaps I haven't found the right ones yet...
    Thanks for letting us take a peek in your favorite ones:)

  4. the skirt is aweesome
    follow for follow?

  5. This place looks SO cool. Our vintage shops around here are not very good. I am dying to find some new thrift stores to shop. I really like their window display :)

  6. These pieces are very cool!! I love vintage shopping!!!
    check out my fashion blog I am your newest follower!!!!!

  7. Awesome! I planned a week of vintage shopping with my boyfriend and a few of my friends and it's nice to know about this place - I've been looking for new vintage stores to visit. I'll definitely try to check it out if I don't get lost! Ha.

    PS: Always nice to come across a fellow Chicago blogger. :]

  8. I have been dreaming about opening up a vintage store for a while. I think it's a good idea to start out with Etsy, and then go from there. Let me know if you ever decide to do it though, you got a Chicago partner waiting here!

    1. I will keep that in mind. I would love to have a stylish partner like yourself.