Sunday, April 8, 2012

Out and About

Happy Easter everyone!
My week has not been very picture worthy due to my insane allergies and massive amounts of homework. Why teachers need to assign me papers over Easter break, I will never know. Also, it's a little difficult to get any good pictures of myself when my eyes are red and puffy and my head feels like it weighs a million pounds. However, I did snap a few photos when I was out running some errands with my mom yesterday. We went to a couple of shops, including one that was full of vintage dishes. I was in love. I am planning on going back there when I move into my own apartment.
Until next time, Mandy


  1. All the shops look really cool, I love the vintage dishes!

  2. Do you live in Chicago?! I swear Ive been to that store before with the amazing crystal light ball that changes colors, so amazing. I cant remember the name but they had the CUTEST stuff in there I wanted it all.

  3. Wow amazing photographs, that looks like a perfect place to shop! So sorry to hear you haven't been well, I hope your feeling better soon and enjoy the rest of your holidays!


  4. I definitely need to visit this boutique...perfect place to find decor and good DIY project materials!

    <3 Cambria

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  5. That shop looks gorgeousssss.

  6. Lovely pictures :) I like your blog, you're so pretty girl with nice style. I follow you.

  7. That last photo of you is so stunning. :)
    I'm sorry that your allergies have been less than amiable.

  8. Ugh, allergies are the worst! Hope you're feeling better. Lovely photos!

  9. likeeeeee your blog!! :):)
    keep posting girl and go for it!