Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boston Beginnings

My first post from Boston! How exciting. I moved into my dorm on Friday. After hours of rearranging and organizing my extremely hot room, it finally ended up feeling quite homey. For the past couple of months, I have been stocking up on vintage pictures and craft items to fill my room with. I am pleased with the turn out because the room is much bigger than I expected. Thanks to these lovely ladies pictured above, my first week at Northeastern has been more than amazing. I had my first day of classes today and I start work tomorrow. Everything seems to be falling into place, and I could not be any happier. 
Until next time, Mandy


  1. That sounds so fun! And, I love your space.
    College was so much fun (I sound old...and I only graduated a few months ago).


  2. This looks so cosy! Hope you have a fabulous time in Boston :)

    Lucy x

  3. Wow your dorm looks super cute, and way less like a dorm than mine ever did! Hope you are enjoying the start of a new semester in a new place!


  4. Looks adorable! Good luck at college! You'll love it!


  5. I am very happy to hear about your good news! Your room and all its decor is just beautiful!!! You did a great job. I could certainly get very cozy in a room that pretty.
    Best of luck with your new beginnings!
    The next time I'm in Boston I'll have to email you so we can go for cupcakes or something :)

    1. Please, please, please let me know the next time you are in Boston! I would love to get together.

  6. Oh this is wonderful! Going to Uni away from home must be really great.Your dorm looks great.

    Love from Jo'burg

  7. Aw I know how it is to go back home <3 Amazing feeling.

  8. I think it looks lovely, very cosy indeed :) xx

  9. it looks extremely cosy, I really like the vintage pictures on the wall!

  10. wait! this is your DORM ROOM! wow. wow. mine was like a jail cell (white wall, couldn't do much) and i am SO envious - you made it look really homey! i love it

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  11. Such a nice looking dorm room - I love the pictures you have on your wall. :)

  12. Look really cozy!


  13. I love your dorm! It looks so homey. :)

    I'm a new follower and am just addicted with your blog.


  14. ahhh! I just moved to Boston this fall to for college (I'm at Massart, just a T stop away) too! love what you've done to your dorm room, it's so cute :) Boston's an amazing city, such great history, culture......and shopping :) (be sure to visit the garment district in cambridge) Can't wait to read more about your college adventures xx

    a thousand million words

  15. i remember moving into my dorm, i cannot believe it was seven years ago! (jeesh, i am getting old....) cherish these first few weeks, you learn so much and have so much fun!

  16. Oh my gosh, how fun! I love the dorm! That rug is awesome! Live up these days, it goes so fast. BLah blah I feel old but it's so TRUE! Enjoy it! :) New follower.

  17. It took me an hour to go through your entire blog, and after not being able to click "older posts" I knew it was time to hit the follow button! I love and am so jealous of all the thrift stores you have around well before you moved to Boston. I can't wait to see all your new adventures!

  18. All that closet space!!! I'm admittedly a little jealous of your room (mostly that closet considering in my dorm the closet is nonexistent) Can't wait to see more about your adventures, pretty lady!
    xo Heather